Lodge St. Andrew #518

Links to Masonic Websites

In this section you will find links to various Masonic websites. To ease navigation and avoid the long list syndrome that is all to common I have split the links into a variety of categories.

If you would like a link to your site added to this section of the site please email the Webmaster.

I will in due course add a form, but for now please use good old email. Thanks

Only websites relating to Lodges (or Bodies) recognised by The Grand Lodge of Scotland
will be considered for linking.

Sister Grand Lodges with which the Grand Lodge of Scotland is in Fraternal Amity are listed HERE.

When requesting a link please clearly state the following information:

Name of Lodge, Chapter, Council, Body, etc...
The URL.
Name & email address of the Webmaster.
Country & Grand Lodge or Grand Chapter, etc.
From the categories in menu on the left the one that you think your site would best fit into.

The categories may be further broken down in the future as numbers increase, so if you think your site doesn't properly fit into any of those listed feel free suggest a new category.